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Post  Oscar on Sat Nov 29, 2008 8:40 pm

Hey guys!

This forum has been created as a tool to help students of the 11th grade that feel lost (!) in class; they can clearly expose their doubts and questions, and ANYONE who knows can explain the concept. The main advantage is obviously the diversity of people that can answer.

It also can be a tool to share school-related information such as MUN, NR or NHS as a class.

As for all, some rules should be followed by everyone, to have an effective foruming;

1) Take a name or surname everyone from the class can recognize (it always helps to know who you are talking to Rolling Eyes )

2) When you ask some clarifications about a point of the lesson, be the more specific you can, in order to facilitate the task for the guy who'll answer.

3) When you explain a point to someone, be specific as well in your explanation, so anyone can easily understand.

4) Posts such as: "what is the answer for the maths exercise # 3 ?" will not be tolerated -- the point is understanding the lesson, not cheating.

5) No personal attacks on students AND teachers -- it shall be reminded that since both are humans, they do have feelings, so be kind and respectful.

6) if the class as a whole is involved, it can really rock Very Happy

Any responses, feel free to post here Exclamation

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