Zinn Ch 12 "Empire and its people" Questions for FRIDAY...turn in during class

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Zinn Ch 12 "Empire and its people" Questions for FRIDAY...turn in during class

Post  Garrettchi on Wed Feb 11, 2009 8:35 am

Read Ch 12 of Zinn, "The Empire and its People" and use it to answer the following questions. You might also use your textbook, the internet or possibly this website on "Crucible of Empire: US & Spanish-American War" for additional information: http://www.pbs.org/crucible/

Type or write our questions and turn in during class on Friday.

1. What was the Monroe Doctrine? How does it pave the way for the imperialistic foreign policies of the late 19th century?

2. What is the "open door policy" that Howard Zinn claims "became the dominant theme of US foreign policy in the 20th century (p. 301)?

3. What "special interests" benefited from the wars with Cuba and the Philippines?

4. What was the Teller Amerndment, and why was the US able to circumvent its provisions after the war was over? Why do you think the Cuban eventually capitulated by agreeing to the Platt Amendment?

5. Why do you think that US historians "have generally ignored the role of the Cuban rebels in the war" (p. 309)? WHy do you think there is little mention in traditional textbooks about the resistance of the Filipinos to the American occupation of the Philippines?

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