Group projects for Tuesday BEFORE Carnaval

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Group projects for Tuesday BEFORE Carnaval Empty Group projects for Tuesday BEFORE Carnaval

Post  Garrettchi on Thu Feb 12, 2009 9:15 am

Group 1:
Create a map or series of maps entitled "American Imperialism: 1800-1910." Locate ALL the territories the US added to its borders and colonial possessions at that time. Write 5 "bottom line" themes that would describe characteristics of US expansionist policies during those periods (be able to explain or support these with facts or quotes). Possible themes could include "Must be the Money," "Manifest Destiny," Anglo-Saxonism, creative...what were the themes that justified expansionism or encouraged it? Present your maps and themes to your classmates.

Group 2:
Read George Washington´s Farewell Address. What, in President Washington's words, are the consequences of involving ourselves in the affairs of other nations? Have other presidents followed his advice? How realistic was it at the turn of the 20th century to avoid "entangling alliances"? How realistic is it in the 21st century? How do we engage the world? unilaterally? Consider the wisdom of becoming involved in "entangling alliances" and in which manner this should be conducted if it ever should from the point of view of George Washington, William McKinley, George W Bush and Barack Obama.

Group 3:
A great deal of mythology surrounds newspaper circulation wars waged by William Randolph Hearst and JOseph Pulitzer, during, after and in the run up to the war with Cuba. Find out as much as possible about both newspaper empires in the late 19th century and the power of both owners. Read articles in both newspapers leading up to the conflict in Cuba. Do you think the press was irresponsible in its coverage of the conflict? Was it at least partially responsible for bringing the US into war? Explain. Could this happen in the US nowadays? Explain. (maybe look at IRaq war and press in 2002-3).

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