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Semana Santa Homework-Zinn CH 17 Questions Empty Semana Santa Homework-Zinn CH 17 Questions

Post  Garrettchi on Wed Apr 08, 2009 12:46 pm

Even though we will be finishing the 1950s Cold War and Social Changes on Tuesday, you must have read Zinn's Ch 17 and you will be expected to turn in questions on Tuesday. We will begin going over the Civil Rights Movement on Thursday. This WILL be graded for content, not mere completion!

1. Pick a poem or quote from Chapter 17 and explain its meaning and historical significance.

2. What was the immediate impact of Brown v. Board of Education? What was a long term impact of this decision?

3. What are some differences in the overall message of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X?

4. What were some of the tactics used by civil rights activists? What tactics were used by their opponents?

5. What was the Scottsboro Boys incident? Why was it mentioned in Chapter 17 which deals with the CRM of the 1950s-60s when it occured in 1931?

6. What is the NAACP? What did people hope to gain by associating the actions of the NAACP with communism? Were they successful in their aims? How and why? What role do the NAACP play in the civil rights movement?

7. What does happen "to a dream deferred"? What dreams did African Americans have to defer in the years leading up to the civil rights movement? Which dreams might continue to be deferred in the 21st century?

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