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Audiovisual project for Ms Garrrett Empty Audiovisual project for Ms Garrrett

Post  Oscar on Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:14 am

Okay here are the questions for the Song Project:

1. Before looking at ht elyrics, listen to the song once. What is your initial reaction?

2. Who wrote the song?

3. Who recorded the song?

4. Do you consider this a protest song?

5. Is the song pro- or anti-American? What are some lyrics that prove this?

6. What are some of the strong words used to convey the message of this song?

7. In your own words, explain what the lyrics are about. Be specific in explaining the protest topic or message.

8. If you could rename this song, what would you call it?

9. How does the music add to the lyrics? Is it fast? Slow? Angry? Upbeat?

10. Who is the speaker adressing?

11. What is the historical time frame of the song?

12. Give your personal opinion about the song.

13. What if any lyrics are repeated? Why?

14. Are there any play on words? Is there any use of an object or action that means more than its litteral meaning?

15. What historical events or characters are reffered to in the song: Why are these significant?


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