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Protest Song Project Update Empty Protest Song Project Update

Post  Garrettchi on Mon Jun 01, 2009 4:19 pm

Oscar posted the questions you need to answer in an earlier post. These questions do not have to be turned in--you should use them to guide your understanding of your song and for the analysis and writing of the paper. The answers should be somewhat evident in your paper.

So, what do I have to turn in?

1) VIDEO/POWER POINT WITH SONG and do presentation (see criteria on handout)
2) 400word paper song analysis (see guidelines on handout)
3) List of at least 10 images you chose to use in your presentation and their caption

I am not going to be a stickler on MLA format--I won't deduct points for format issues. But I want you to CITE YOUR SOURCES! If you don't, it's not ethical. and you should be getting in the habit for doing this correctly with parenthetical citation, etc.

I need 10 people to volunteer to do it for Thursday (as in June 4th), for an extra 5% on both presentation and paper that we have time to present. Friday we will have capstone projects--you will be going to other classes for three periods, but not mine!!! The remaining presentations will be on Tuesday. I will hand out the review for final next Tuesday and will offer an optional review session Friday 12th (time to be announced). This is your first day of final exams.

Good luck on your projects! Let me know if you need help.

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