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Post  Garrettchi on Thu May 14, 2009 7:31 am

See directions in the post on One Pagers with criteria!!! Also, please check out examples on the link provided for inspiration. Collage due Tuesday 19th, presentations Friday 22nd and Tuesday 26th.

Leitz and Carlos: Space Race
Mai and Milla: Woodstock
Luisa and Bia: SDS
Chalhub and Juracy: JFK Assassination
Duda and Marcos: CAMELOT (JFK administration, John and Jackie O)
Ana and Jessica: Betty Friedan
Sarah and Leticia: Sexual Revolution
Sau Wai and Guta: Bob Dylan
John and Oscar: AIM (American Indian Movement)
Camila: Peace Corps
Pedro and Marçal: Hippies
Bibi and Nabiyah: UFW (United Farm Workers) & Cesar Chavez

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